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There are so many movies that we love and adore. On “The Ed Lover Show” they discussed “She’s Gotta Have It,” which recently came out as a series on Netflix. Then they began to discuss other movies they never want people to reboot or try to do over.

Ed Lover mentioned that he never wants someone to reboot “Scarface“, but Jah from Bossip discussed that there is supposed to be a reboot in 2019. Another movie that is going to reboot is “Coming To America” and most feel they should leave it in the past.

Speaking of remaking, they discussed 21 Savage which recently spoke on old-school hip hop and how they hate on the upcoming rappers. It was then that Pete Rock chimed in to speak on it and told 21 Savage that without old-school hip-hop he wouldn’t have the music. Ed Lover spoke on the topic and believes that Pete Rock just sampled from others and it’s not right that he did it.

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