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Birthday Bash ATL Portraits

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Jeezy has been in the rap game for quite some time now and ready to add some other things to his resume. According to The Source, Jeezy said, “It’s cool to make rap songs — we gonna do that shit forever. But I wanna run the fucking world.” The rapper is also working with Defiance Water, Avion Tequila and Atlanta’s American Cut Steakhouse.

Jeezy also talked about how he wants to continue to expand his empire. He said, “I wanna be known as the world’s greatest hustler.” Jeezy is going to release his eighth album “Snow Season” for Def Jam and is going to help the next generation of hip hop. The rapper also spoke about mentoring Kodak Black.

He said, “I talk to Kodak Black every other day and that’s my advice to him; any advice he needs, because this is the streets. The music industry is the streets nowadays. So when getting out the streets and you get into the music industry, you gotta understand how that goes, too, because you can still suffer the same consequences. Now you’re a public person.” Jeezy plans to continue to work on his business and making money.

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