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Tyrese hopped onto Instagram recently and began talking about men, criminals, values, The Rock, and a whole bunch of other stuff. He made what Jah says was a legitimate “ugly cry face,” and then whole ramble basically boiled down to be about his daughter, Shayla, who his ex-wife has a been trying to take away from him. Ed Lover, who is a good friend of Tyrese, says his friend is just “a very emotional dude,” especially because of the kind of music he makes.

His daughter is the light of his life, so it totally understandable that this would take a toll on his happiness (and sanity, it would appear, as well). Despite the fact that he is genuinely hurting, however, the taking to social media is not the way to deal with it. Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive clip from Breaking Bossip on the “Ed Lover Show.”

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