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Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - August 10, 2017

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Hurricane Harvey has taken many lives and left people without homes.

In some ways though this tragedy has brought together many people.

According to BET, Chad Butler Jr., the son of Bun B’s late UGK partner, Pimp C. needed help during Hurricane Harvey.

Bun B called into Sway’s Universe to give updates on the storm and how people are trying to survive during this time without food and water.

He said to Sway, “Apartment buildings are on fire. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know if ‘catastrophic’ is even the term when an entire city is submerged.”


Bun B revealed that Butler Jr., was stuck on top of his car and they were able to send him a boat.

He said, “We spent the early hours of this morning trying to get a boat to Pimp C’s son. Pimp C’s son was stuck in his garage on top of his car for a couple of hours this morning because the house that Pimp grew up in, Pimp’s mom’s house, is built on the back of a reservoir — like, literally connected to the reservoir.”

While he was able to save him Bun B is still trying to help others that are stranded.

He wants to host a benefit concert following Hurricane Harvey and we will keep you posted when it happens.

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