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Flavor Flav might be running out of money after claiming his Public Enemy royalties are dwindling.

According to Variety, the rapper is filing a lawsuit on Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D and several other business managers of cheating him out of royalties.

Over the past couple of months Flavor Flav has tried to get records so he could know how much money they owed him.

Flavor Flav has requested nearly $75,000, he claims that he was only given $7,500 after Public Enemy made a new album, “Nothing is Quick in the Desert.”

He allegedly didn’t receive any money from the download revenue and used his image without his permission.

The suit says that they, “entered into merchandising deals for products as disparate as Public Enemy branded watches, dolls of Drayton and bicycles, all without consent of Drayton, all without advance notice or compensation to Drayton.”

He also claims that he wasn’t paid from Public Enemy action figures and wants his payment from that.

We will keep you posted on what happens.

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