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Goodie Mob came through to the “Ed Lover Show.” T-Mo looks back at the first time he and Khujo met each other back in 9th grade. He talks about admiring Khujo’s rap skills at that time, and hearing about him before they- actually met. T-Mo by contrast would rap other people’s songs to people. He talked about being inspired by watching the best DJs work. He eventually put together an album together that he tested at the local disco his uncle owned, noting “I ain’t gon’ lie to you, it cleared the dance floor.”

T-Mo explains how that really made him want to learn how to rap. Plus, they talked about how the 1984 films “Beat Street” and “Breakin'” had such an immediate impact on their school. Click on the audio player to hear more from this exclusive interview on the “Ed Lover Show.”

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