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Sleepy Brown and Rico Wade from Organized Noize came through to chat about their EP, “O.N.E.P.,” which they are dropping to give fans a taste while they finish up their full-length album. They talk about how weird it is to put music out after such a long time without having done so, and how that concern factored into their decision to make an EP before dropping a full album.

Rico talked about getting everybody on the same page to create another project. Sleepy talks about moving to L.A. and being happy to return to Atlanta for good. Plus, they discuss how they went about figuring out a direction for their EP. They also talk about the project’s versatility, and the fact that they “really just kind of let go” in order to create. Rico also says Sleepy inspired the project because he was “in the zone.” Check out this exclusive video to hear more in this interview from the “Ed Lover Show.”

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