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This week, the hip-hop community mourns the loss of Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy, who has suffered since birth from sickle cell anemia. Monie Love shares a few words about the Prodigy’s impact on the hip-hop world. She recalls the funny story of meeting these two 17-year-old boys named Prodigy and Havoc, in their Hockey shirts, with plastic cups full of E&J. Monie talks about being tickled by them at the time, as she was already 25 years old and a mother, and they were trying to push up on her outside of a tent.

After putting them in their place- as her little brothers and nothing more – Monie Love found them to be a duo that created a movement in hip-hop with that same attitude and swag. Check out this exclusive video to hear more of Monie’s touching message in this clip from the “Ed Lover Show.”

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