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David and Tamela Mann talked TV with Ed Lover & Monie Love. They talk about how they balance the demands of filming both of their shows, “Mann & Wife” on Bounce TV and The Manns on TVOne, which both air on Tuesday nights. David explains why it’s not difficult to do both reality and scripted television, without the lines getting blurred. They also talk about why they scoff at the idea of falling prey to the “marriage curse,” associated with being a married couple putting their family life out there on television.

Tamela discusses how, sometimes, they have to put their producers in check for trying to cultivate some drama on the show that isn’t natural to their family dynamic. David explains that they made sure to give themselves creative control so they always have a say in what story is being told about them. Check out this exclusive video to hear more in this interview on the “Ed Lover Show.”

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