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Jordan Peele

Source: Ed Lover Show / Ed Lover Show

A major milestone was reached over the weekend in the realm of Black movies. Friend of the show, Jordan Peele, famously known from Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele” and action-packed comedy with Method Man, “Keanu;” made his first directoral debut with horror movie “Get Out.” 

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past two weeks, the internet and TV screens have been filled with nothing but “Get Out” references, and just over the weekend, Peele’s film made a major accomplishment in addition to scoring a near 100% on RottenTomatoes : generating over $100 million dollars at the box office (NOTE: the movie only cost $5 million to make). 

This milestone proves that Black movies are profitable; they matter and Black people as a culture don’t have to “coon out” in films, play the villain and/or portray a drug dealer to get accolades in the film industry.

Catch the “Get Out” trailer below and definately check it out in a local theater near you. DON’T bootleg this film. You need the in-theater experience.