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Ed Lover wants to share some of his thoughts with Nicki Minaj, from one Queens-bread hip-hop maker to another. After about two weeks, Nicki Minaj finally dropped her response to Remy Ma‘s “ShETHER,” in three singles. The main attack occurs on “No Frauds,” which features her friends Drake and Lil Wayne. In just one verse, Nicki goes after Remy with a couple of bars, the rest of the song consisting of a catchy hook sung by the Barbz herself, and a verse each for Drizzy and Weezy.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t enough for hip-hop fans without bias, who prefer a traditional full-length, cold, hard diss track, and not a collaborative single produced for charts and radio airplay. Ed Lover & Monie Love, two of hip-hop’s pioneers, are certainly in that camp. Ed Lover decides to send an open message of encouragement to his fellow Queens native. Check out this exclusive video to hear what he had to say- and the different opinion Monie Love chimes in with at the end -in this clip from the “Ed Lover Show.”

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