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Canberrans Flock To UberX As Ridesharing Becomes Legal In ACT

Source: Martin Ollman / Getty

Just this past Saturday, Austin, Texas residents voted to require all ride-hailing companies to fingerprint drivers as a part of background checks, according to CNN Money.

But, instead of requiring drivers to be fingerprinted, Uber and Lyft just up and left Austin on Monday morning.

Sources are saying that Uber and Lyft have argued that the fingerprint databases are most likely out of date and are biased against minorities who may have been fingerprinted, but never charged with a crime.

It’s also an issue with money: hiring new drivers quickly play a key part of the companies business model, and finger-prints tend to slow down the process significantly and leads to fewer part time drivers.

Sources are also reporting that several local businesses throughout the Austin area like bars, resturants, etc., are taking a sever nose dive in sales, due to the lack of the ride-hailing business.

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Should finger-printing be required for all ride-hailing companies?